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VLA Information for Astronomers

After the January 11, 2010 VLA correlator shut-down this page has become obsolete and will not be maintained any further. For EVLA observing using the new WIDAR correlator please refer to the new EVLA page.

News for Proposers (last updated September 15, 2009)

General announcements and news for investigators proposing to use the VLA, VLBA, HSA, and other VLBI facilities for the October 1, 2009 deadline are available here.

EVLA Impact Forecast (last updated September 15, 2009)

The EVLA Impact Forecast for VLA Observers gives information about the effect of EVLA construction on VLA operations.

EVLA Antennas Return (last updated October 19, 2009)

Beginning August 1, 2006, all EVLA antennas which have been returned to Operations will be included in normal VLA scientific observing by default. It is important that all users review the EVLA antennas return page for using EVLA antennas with the VLA.

General Information

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