Star Awards (2002)

The Star Award Program enables the NRAO supervisors to recognize exceptional contributions and noteworthy achievements of their employees or groups of employees. The objectives of this program are:

1) to reward specific one-time achievements (event driven).
2) to provide an incentive for continued excellence through the recognition and reward of exceptional performance.

In short, it is our opportunity to recognize (and brag about!) the creativity, ingenuity, and personal initiative of our outstanding employees!

Fred and
Roy In the summer of 2001, Fred and Roy, after a full day's work at the AOC, would hurry off to the VLA and spend most of the night installing and testing boards to replace failed ones in the Modcomps. The Modcomps are very specialized computers that are essential to the VLA. Without Fred and Roy's dedication, there would have been a serious loss of observing time on the VLA.
In early April of 2002, the VLBA Tiger Team went to the St. Croix VLBA station for a routine mainenance visit. Most visits are expected to take six to eight days. Ramon, Steve, and Eric recognized the need for repairs as far greater than they had expected. They volunteered to stay and work 18 days, with only a one day break, to make the necessary repairs. EricRamon and
Tom, Garry, Eric, Ken, and Nelson
In December, six employees of the Electronics and Engineering Services were honored with Star Awards. Nelson, Eric and Ken repaired a longstanding problem with an antenna control unit in the Brewster VLBA antenna. Tom received the award for his voluntary efforts in the upkeep of the VLA Visitor Center, including repairing the Small Radio Telescope and other exhibits. Pat and Garry have played significant roles in maintaining an active and healthy Emergency Medical Services program at the VLA.
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