After the January 11, 2010 VLA correlator shut-down this page will not be maintained any further. For the latest status of antenna upgrades we refer to the new EVLA pages, in particular the new version of this page, to which you will be redirected in 10 seconds.

Status of Antenna Retrofitting

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The following table lists retrofitted EVLA antennas currently in the array, and the availability of their receivers. Antennas in red are not taking part in regular observing yet, but will be included shortly. Numbers in parentheses indicate antennas that temporarily have been taken out of the array because of hardware restrictions; once the WIDAR correlator is deployed these antennas will take part in the array again. More detailed information on all antennas and their locations can be found here.

Antenna Pad location Band
74 MHz (4)327 MHz (P)1.4 GHz (L) 3 GHz (S) 5 GHz (C)8.4 GHz (X) 15 GHz (U) 22 GHz (K)33 GHz (Ka) 43 GHz (Q)
13N7 nY*Y** n Y**Yn YnY
14E8 nY*Y n Y**Yn YnY
16W2 nnY** n Y**Yn YnY
18N9 nY*Y** n YYn YnY
(26)W7 nY*Y** n Y**Yn YnY
23E7 nY*Y** n Y**Yn YYY
(17)W12 nY*Y** n Y**Yn YnY
21E1 nY*Y** n YYn YnY
19W4 nY*Y** n YYn YYY
(11)E4 nY*Y** n Y**Yn YnY
25N2 nY*Y** n Y**Yn YYY
1W9 nY*Y** n YYn YYY
4W1 nY*Y** n Y**Yn YYY
5W8 nY*Y** n YYn YYY
2E2 nY*Y** n YYn YYY
3E9 nY*Y** n YYn YYY
28N8 nY*Y** Y YYn YYY
9E6 nY*Y Y YYn YYY
15W6 nY*Y** Y YYn YYY
8N1 nY*Y** Y YYn YYY
27E3 nnY** Y YYn YYY
7N6 nnY n YYn YYY
6N3 nnn n YYn YYY
20N5 nnn n YYn YYn
22Master Pad nnn n nnn nnn
12AAB nnn n nnn nnn

* receiver installed, but currently unusable because of problem with interference produced by the receiver affecting the ALC levels
** for L- and C-band: not yet equipped with Ortho Mode Transducer (OMT)

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