NRAO employs a fulltime safety officer to help ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and the equipment and facilities. Jon Spargo sets up employee training sessions on everything from CPR to safe driving to proper lifting techniques. He interprets OSHA rules, inspects equipment, and writes safety procedures. He makes sure that each new employee is briefed about staying safe on the job.

Lockout/Tagout One of the most important safety procedures for anyone who is working on an antenna is the "lockout/tagout" procedure. Each person on the antenna must attach a lock to the switch that turns on and off the drive motor circuitry so that the antenna is disconnected from its primary source of energy. Jon teaches the procedure to new workers, and always makes sure to lockout/tagout when he is on the antenna!
Inspecting the antenna that has been in the barn undergoing maintenance is one of Jon's responsibilities as Safety Officer. He inspects the cables, gears, switches, lights, wiring, and anything else that might cause a safety hazard. If there are safety problems, he writes an inspection report so that corrections can be made before the antenna is returned to operation in the array. Then another antenna is moved into the barn for maintenance. Inspecting cables
Inspecting the fall arrest system In this photograph Jon is inspecting the new fall arrest system that has been installed. Any worker who will be climbing to the apex (up to the subreflector above the surface of the dish) must wear a harness and hook into this system. In the background you can see the interior of the barn where the maintenance is being performed.
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