What goes on in the EVLA Front End Lab?
The Front End Lab is in the business of receivers: maintaining the current VLA receivers, and designing and building new EVLA receivers. The new receivers will receive a much broader band so that astronomers will have all frequencies between 1-50 GHz available for their use.

The receivers are designed by engineers in Socorro. Our drafters make the technical drawings and send them to the machine shop to be rendered. Occasionally parts will be outsourced or bought off-the-shelf. Amplifiers are built by the CDL in Charlottesville.

Paul is working on the design for the EVLA L-band receiver-not everything is done on the computer-sometimes they have to resort to a pencil and paper!

Lisa is modeling a feedhorn for the C-band receiver, beginning with the "small" end. Her main project is the design of an orthomode transducer. It fits inside the dewar, between the feed horn and receiver, and must extract both polarizations out of the horn to the low noise amplifiers.
Dave is repairing an ailing receiver.
Darrell is looking over a parts list for the AC relay box. He needs 25 parts and will order enough to build 50 boxes.      
The "boxes" are purchased empty. The EVLA Front End Lab fills them. On the left are two of the empties. On the right, the AC relay box is the one on the top. Below it is the post-amp box that establishes the band-width and provides additional signal amplification.
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