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VLA Interference Memoranda

The VLA/VLBA Interference Memoranda discuss the radio frequency interference environment at the VLA and the VLBA sites.

For more information on VLA/VLBA Interference memoranda, and for copies of memos not available on-line, contact the NRAO Library

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No. Title Author(s) Date FTP
38 VLBA-PT Station Building Test Report Addendum: Shielding Interpolaration and Extrapolation into Untested Frequency Regions D. Mertely,
S. Durand
12/03/09 pdf
37 VLBA-PT Station Building Sheilding Test Report D. Mertely,
C. Barham
06/02/09 pdf
36 VLA Vertex Room Sourced RF Propagation Losses D. Mertely, C. Frentzel, B. Hayward 07/01/08 PDF149K
35 VLA Site Generated RFI Control Plan D. Mertely, R. Perley 12/18/06 PDF370K
34 Notes on RFI Emissions Levels R. Perley 12/21/06 ps158K
33 A Frequency Independent Conical Logarithmic Spiral Antenna for Observation of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) Test Site S. Choudhary R. Ridgeway K. Shores 09/22/03 DOC4.0M
32 EVLA Shielded Chamber Characterization, Radiated Emissions Test Protocol, RF Shielding Characterisitcs of Buildings at the VLA Site, and Radiated Emissions Test of MCB Ethernet Switchgear C. Patscheck 12/05/2002 DOC 28M
31 EVLA Shielded Chamber Power Offset Test Notes C. Patscheck
R. Ridgeway
10/31/2002 DOC1.1M
30 Computer Emissions Test Summary C. Patscheck 09/16/2002 DOC5.5M
29 ATF Shielding Improvements C. Patscheck,
R. Ridgeway
08/2/2002 PDF 17K
28 Shielding Characteristics of the Correlator Room, SLOB, Pedestal and Vertex Rooms at the VLA Site (Superceded by Interference Memo #32) C. Patscheck 08/16/2002 PDF 23K
27 Characteristics of Several Areas of the VLA Site (Superceded by Interference Memo #32) C. Patscheck 08/12/2002
26 Shielding Tests (Superceded by Interference Memo #32) C. Patscheck 08/05/2002
25 Far Sidelobes of 25m Radio Astronomy Antennas at 18 cm. V. Dhawan 08/06/2002 PS7.9M
24 Tests of DW8 RFI Monitor C. Patscheck,
D. Mertely
23 EVLA Radio Frequency Interference Survey from 1-8 GHz, Analysis of EMS System Noise Figure and VLA L-band Feed Horns E. Reynolds 01/02
22Radiated RFI emission tests of the Motorola 162.025 MHz currently used at the VLA and of the Kenwood 410.55/419.55 MHz radios proposed as a replacementR. Armandariz 06/01pdf
21 Digital Spectrometer Autocorrelator 1-18 GHz Down Converter, EMS Automation, Rohn Tower Repair, and TV Action Updates N. Thomas 07/01 PDF407K
20 KP-VLBA RFI at 610.75 MHz in Radio Astronomy Primary Allocated Bank D. Haenichen 07/01
19 Radio Frequency Interference Environmental Monitoring System A. Nguyen, T. Nguyen, K. Shores 05/01
18 Radio Frequency Interference Satellite Tracking System L. Noice, R. Schmidt, E. Szpindor, H. Vahle 05/01
17 NRAO Clock Recovery Test Fixture Senior Design Project F. Martinez, M. Nunez, S. Padilla 05/01 pdf
16 Environmental Monitoring Station: Ailtech-Stoddart Receiver Calibration and Integration of NM-67 and CCI-7 and Satellite Tracking Station: Implementation R. Schmidt 11/00 DOC9.4M
15 Performance Characterization of the 1-18 GHZ Ailtech-Stoddart NM67-CC17 Reciever system used as part of the continous RFI Environmental monitoring system (EMS) at the VLA R. Armendariz, R. Schmidt 10/00
14 Radiated RFI Emissions from the ALMA Test Correlator and 1.6 GHz Digitizers and Comparison to Harmful Levels to VLA Observations R. Armendariz 11/00
13 Harmonic Emissions Testing of Hand Held Radios J. Sinnott 01/97
12 A Proposal to Control Local Interference (also VLA Test Memo #188) B. Brundage, C. Janes 04/94
11 Interference at 1330 MHz (also VLA Test Memo #185) E. Brinks, C. Janes, P. Lilie 04/95
10 Frequency Allocations and Footnotes for Radio Astronomy and Passive Radio Services B. Lilie, W.D. Brundage 07/96
9 Presentation of VLA Interference Information on the Web N. Lui, D. Jenkins 09/95
8 The VLA IF Interference Monitor C. Janes, R. Jones, D. Jenkins 06/95
7 Digital Spectrometer/Autocorrelator for Monitoring RFI C. Janes 06/95
6 Index of Interference Memos S. Lucero 02/95
5 Strong Interference at the VLA, 1994 C. Janes 02/95
4 Tests of the MIT 600 MHz Impulse Detector C. Janes 01/30/95
3 US Frequency Allocation and Footnotes for Radio Astronomy and Passive Radio Services W. D. Brundage 11/07/94
2 RFI at Saint Croix due to FAA D. S. Bagri 11/11/92
1 RFI Emissions from Vac Ion Pumps L. A. Beno 11/11/92

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