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VLA Memoranda: An Overview

The VLA memoranda provide documentation of technical developements and discussion at the Very Large Array. They are divided by topic as follows:
Computing Technical computer issues: the on-line system, data storage formats, comparisons of different software packages, etc.
Electronics Technical electronics issues: internal interference, system performance, the correlator, etc.
HTRP Technical and operational discussion of the High Time Resolution Processor: design, use, and plans for the future.
Interference Radio frequency interference at the VLA and the VLBA.
Scientific Issues which directly affect the science done with the VLA: telescope placement, imaging algorithms, limits on dynamic range and fidelity, etc.
Technical Hardware topics, excluding electronics: receivers, local oscillators and mixers, front ends, various operator manuals, etc.
Test Technical issues directly related to observations: the effects of interference, calibrator lists, the 7mm system, pointing, phase stability, the 3 MHz ripple, etc.

Obviously there is some overlap between the categories. The scientific staff tend to contribute scientific and test memoranda, while the engineering staff dominate the electronics and technical memos, but there is a great deal of cross-fertilization.

Memos are accepted electronically. To facilitate this, we ask that authors adhere to the following Memo Submission Guidelines.

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