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After the January 11, 2010 VLA correlator shut-down this page has become obsolete and will not be maintained any further. For EVLA observing using the new WIDAR correlator please refer to the new EVLA page, in particular the new version of this page.

Joint VLA/VLBA/GBT Proposals

  • Proposals requesting multiple NRAO telescopes (VLA, VLBA, GBT) are considered joint proposals unless they are pure VLBI proposals in which the GBT, phased VLA ("Y27"), and/or a single VLA antenna ("Y1") are requested as part of a VLBI array. In general, joint proposals must be submitted as separate proposals to all telescopes requested. The Proposal Submission Tool (PST) is required for joint proposals using the VLA, VLBA, and the GBT; beginning at the 1 October deadline, VLBA/HSA proposals must be submitted using the PST . Joint proposals should include the same scientific and technical justifications.

  • An exception to this policy is the use of the VLA for finding calibration sources, for polarization calibration, or pulsar phase determination in support of a VLBA proposal. In these cases, VLA time can be requested directly from the VLBA proposal. For VLBA proposals (which must use the PST), VLA observations for this purpose should be requested in the text of the proposal. Justification for the use of the VLA for this purpose should be included in the Scientific or Technical sections of the proposal. Similarly, for VLBI proposals that wish to include the GBT, phased VLA ("Y27"), and/or a single VLA antenna ("Y1") as elements of the VLBI array, select them from the "Stations" list under Resources in the PST, and include the appropriate reasoning in the justification regarding the need for the GBT and/or one or all of the VLA antennas.

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