VLA Proposal Opportunities for October 3, 2005 Deadline

  1. We will offer the VLA-Pie Town link in the upcoming VLA A configuration. Because of the pressures of the EVLA development, we expect to allocate only 150-200 hours of Pie Town link rather than our typical previous allocations of 250-300 hours. Since this will be the last winter A configuration for several years, Pie Town link observations at 22 and 43 GHz will be given the highest priority.
  2. In the July NRAO Newsletter, we issued a special call for proposals requesting an increment of 40-199 hours of new observations for blank-field extragalactic surveys. The October 3 deadline will be used to cover the entire upcoming A-B-C-D configuration cycle. Since all proposals of the specified type will be reviewed together, in competition with each other, no similar proposals will be accepted at the normal B, C, and D configuration deadlines that follow in 2006. For the detailed proposal call, please see the July 2005 NRAO Newsletter (Issue 104, pages 19-20) or the description at
  3. The July NRAO Newsletter also introduced the new on-line proposal tool that will soon be implemented for the VLA. We will NOT use this new tool for the October 3 deadline, but will instead continue to use the old LaTeX template. The new proposal tool requires some minor modifications and some more testing in order to ensure that all source observations can be characterized easily, and forwarded to the proposal referees in an easily digestible form. We plan and expect to convert to the new proposal tool for the VLA at the February 1, 2006 deadline.

Note that the normal News for Proposers, with the latest information about EVLA status and antenna availability, will be sent out in mid-September.

- Jim Ulvestad -

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