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VLA Calibrator Fluxes

Sorry Java doesn't appear to be enabled. To search the calibrator flux database you will need to enable Java on your browser.

This applet searches an AIPS++ database of fluxes for VLA Calibrators on the home AIPS++ machine. Instructions exists for using the cursor and key presses to interactively change the view of the data or look at the actual numbers of the data.

The flux density measurements provided here are for the purposes of planning and calibration only. Any other use of the data should be made in accordance with the standard NRAO archive policy. If in doubt please contact Jim Ulvestad or Barry Clark. Also note that several significant factors including the antenna gain curve and possible resolution effects are not taken into account in the measurements presented here. As such the data should be considered only generally indicative of the true flux density and its change in time. To properly interpret what you discover read this short document describing current limitations and how to use this utility.

If you encounter trouble getting a plot try resizing your browser window, then press the plot button. Honest.

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