VLA Extragalactic Blank Field Proposals

Accepted Blank Field Proposals

Data Products Release Date
AM857 A Deep & Unbiased Probe of Star Formation in the GOODS Northern Field VLA A 2006 77 hr G. Morrison
Sept. 2007
AO201 The SWIRE Deep Field at 90cm: A Steep Spectrum MicroJy Radio Population? VLA A,C 2006 66 hr F. Owen
May 2008
AS859 Follow-up of the COSMOS 1.4 GHz Imaging Survey: Identification of Dusty Massive Starforming Systems VLA A 2006 60 hr E. Schinnerer
July 2007
AY164 An In-depth Investigation of the Nature of the Faint 24 Micron Spitzer Sources and 1100 Micron AzTEC Sources in the FLS Verification Strip VLA A,B 2006 96 hr M. Yun
October 2007
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