Where is Your Data?

As the VLA observes, the data get written to a local disk in the control building. Sometime after IAT midnight, the data are transferred to the NRAO Data Archive in Socorro. After that time you may retrieve the data from the archive by anonymous ftp. Proprietary data are password protected where the passwords may be obtained from the data analysts office (analysts@nrao.edu).

If you (or your advisor, for graduate students) were not listed on the original proposal, you must first obtain permission from our scheduling team (schedsoc@nrao.edu) or Bob Dickman (rdickman@nrao.edu) before requesting access to the data. Please see the NRAO Data Archive Policy for more details.

Observers present at the VLA or AOC may transfer their data from the local disk directly into AIPS using the AIPS task FILLM , VERSION='ONLINE'. This is particularly useful when the data has been taken very recently, before it has been made available through the archive. More details are in the FILLM HELP file; for more extensive information about online filling see here.

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